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Services & products

WHITE MOUNTAIN GROUP is composed by three business units, designed to provide Innovative Solutions to the Pet Food Universe around the World, through know-how, expertise and excellent quality.

Pet Business Consulting

Professional Consulting Service for Pet Market Companies

WMG Wet Pet Food Plant

Wet Food Production Plant for Third Parties

Functional Ingredients

Functional Ingredients Developed to Add Value and Nutrition to all types of Pet Food

Professional Consulting Service for Pet Industry Companies


– Purchases, Ingredient Quality and Formulation.

– Quality Systems in Pet Food.

– Extrusion (Theory and Practice). Business Cases Equipment and Control Techniques.

– Drying and Integral Humidity Management, Maximizing Performance.

– Application of Fats and Liquids. Palatability Technology, and Cosmetics.

– Holistic Palatability System: from Ingredients to Packaging.

– Supply Chain. Optimization of Logistic Costs of plant entry / exit.

– Face-to-face Training: Work Team Formation, Development of

– Culture of Excellence and Customer Centric Approach.

Functional Ingredients Developed to Add Value and Nutrition to all types of Pet Food.

Range of Functional Ingredients of International Level, Developed in order to Support Nutrition Claims and Benefits, in Dry Food, Wet Food, Treats, and Nutritional Supplements for Dogs and Cats.